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“Affordable Quality Cabinetry & Woodworking”

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"Phil Lenz owner of Mt. Hood Cabinetry did a fantastic job with our kitchen cabinets.  We chose knotty hickory cabinets for our cabin in the woods.  He reviewed our small space and offered helpful and creative recommendations, giving us the most efficient use of space without compromising quality. We especially love our slide out spice rack and the lazy-susan cabinet for all our recyclables.

The craftsmanship and quality of his work really make the entire kitchen a wonderful place to prepare meals and socialize. We highly recommend Mt. Hood Cabinetry to all our friends and family! "
Keith and Sheri - Zigzag, Oregon

Welcome to Mt. Hood Cabinetry

Mt. Hood Cabinetry builds custom cabinets and does specialty woodworking in Sandy, OR. and in Clackamas and Multnomah Counties.


Mt. Hood Cabinetry designs, builds and installs all types of cabinets for residential homes. We can design and build kitchen cabinets, bathroom cupboards and extravagant dining room cabinets as well as cabinets for any other part of your house. Our designs include country, rustic, modern, contemporary and paneled. We can even create a theme throughout your entire house.

Custom Cabinets

Are you looking for completely custom wood cabinets for your home? Here at Mt. Hood Cabinetry, we design cabinets specifically for your home. These are not predesigned or prefabricated cabinets. We can create any size cabinet with any depth, height and width to meet your specific needs for your home kitchen and bathroom. We install cabinets in new homes, and we can install custom cabinets for home remodels.

Custom Wood Designs

There’s nothing quite like having wood trim elements and objects in your home. Wood provides a warmth that can’t be duplicated by any other medium, and it’s very versatile. Wood can be carved, bent and formed into almost any object. It’s great for custom wood panels, shelves, bookshelves, entertainment centers, tables, chairs, bed and just about any other piece of furniture or accent in your home. The reason is very simple. Wood is durable, strong, fixable and changeable. It can be sanded, painted and stained numerous times for a completely different look each time.

About Mt. Hood Cabinetry

We’ve been working in the wood cabinetry and custom wood design business for years. We can design, build and install cabinets, wall shelves, bookshelves, tables, desks, entertainment centers, counters, moldings, windowsills, doors, banisters, mantles and wood accents.

There’s truly no limit to what you can build from wood, and wood is very durable and strong. It adds an element of ambiance and solidarity to a home that no other material quite accomplishes. Wood is inviting. It’s warm, and it creates a feeling of relaxation. It’s also easy to clean and maintain.

Wood can be polished, painted and stained numerous times for a completely different look each time. If it gets scuffed, scraped or dented, it can be sanded down and refinished without harming the integrity of the wood. That’s what makes wood so special. It can be any color, and it’s entirely fixable and able to be refurbished.


We build all types and styles of cabinets. We can build kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and dining room cupboards. We can build wood storage wherever you need it in your home from the kitchen to the bathroom and even your utility room.

Custom Cupboards

Getting custom cupboards for your home can mean the difference between having cupboards that simply meet your needs or having cupboards that stand out and make a statement while meeting all of your storage needs. Mt. Hood Cabinetry can build cupboards in any height, width and depth and in any style. We can build modern wooden cupboards, country cupboards, rustic cupboards, unfinished cupboards and finished cupboards. It’s all dependent on how you want your cupboards to look, feel and operate.

Custom Woodwork

Custom woodwork can really make your home stand out to both your family members and your guests, and we can design all of your wood elements including moldings, railings and accents. Just let us know what type of custom woodwork you need, and we’ll do it.

For more information on our custom cabinets and wood designs, give us a call or email.

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